E-sports betting and playing experience

Esports is becoming a popular form of entertainment and is leading the way in online betting. E-sports betting is increasingly attracting the attention of players, with attractive reward rates and many dramatic games. To discover more about the exciting world of eSports, continue to follow JiLiAsia Bet‘s content below.

Esports betting concept

E-sports is gradually becoming a current trend with modern game technology and unique entertainment space. The number of participants is constantly increasing, and this place attracts many experienced players from all over to show off their talents. Online betting in the field of Esport works similarly to traditional sports betting.

Players participate in predicting the results of the confrontation between the two teams and choosing attractive bets. However, the matches are held on the internet platform, not at the stadium. The e-sports platform is increasingly growing, allowing players to choose from many interesting games to experience. In particular, this gaming lobby space offers a variety of bets and attractive payout rates, giving players the opportunity to get rich.

Experience betting on e-sports to win big

Every betting game requires players to accumulate experience before participating, to avoid losses. Below, we will share valuable experiences that you can apply to always win when betting on e-sports.

Understand clearly how to bet

One of the most important experiences that newbies in e-sports betting need to remember is to clearly understand how the bookmaker makes bets. Once you have mastered the nature of the bets, you have about a 60% chance of winning.

Often, bookmakers can use cheating strategies to attract new players by creating fake bets. If you are inexperienced or not alert, you can easily fall into the trap and suffer heavy defeat. Therefore, you should avoid depositing money into bets with high commission rates and instead focus on understanding the bet and its possible risks.

Predict the risk of sports betting by bookmakers

Esports betting experience is always associated with rookies having to be able to predict and recognize potential risks. In betting, no decision guarantees 100% accuracy.

When participating in betting in e-sports, gamers need to build their own strategy and know how to analyze and choose bets with high winning rates. Furthermore, you need to carefully prepare the bets you choose to minimize unwanted risks.

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Financial control

Esports betting experience always includes safely controlling personal finances. Newcomers should establish a rule and manage their betting time carefully. Set a daily limit for the amount you bet.

If you have won some early bets or are holding a specific amount of money, consider the amount of capital you want to invest appropriately next. This helps maintain stability in managing your bets and optimizing your profits.

Choose a quality bookmaker

E-sports betting experience for newbies is to be sure to choose a reputable and quality bookmaker. A leading gaming floor always ensures transparency in all Esport betting and protects the rights of players. Criteria to evaluate a bookmaker’s reputation include name, legal documents, clear odds, transparent payout process, 24/7 support team, high information security, and customer service. give you the opportunity to try it out, and register for a free account.

Be alert when choosing bets

When participating in e-sports betting, choosing bets requires alertness and decisiveness. Players must keep a calm demeanor and resist crowd pressure. Focus on choosing bets with big winning potential. Remember that the quality of the bet is more important than the quantity; trust in your choice.

example of detailed e-sports betting

Below is an example of an e-sports bet with the form of betting on the final winner if you bet 3.00 on eStar or 1.42 on Rogue Warriors.

If you choose eStar as the final winner and bet 100,000 VND, the odds are 3.00. Final result if eStar wins, you will receive: 100,000 x 3.00 = 300,000 VND, with a profit of 200,000 VND.

If you choose the final winner as Rogue Warriors and bet 100,000 VND, the odds are 1.42. Final result: if Rogue Warriors wins, you will receive: 100,000 x 1.42 = 142,000 VND, with a profit of 42,000 VND.

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